The Value of Color in an Interior

When people think about redoing the interior of their home, many aspects come into consideration, including space, light, furnishings, and curtains. One other huge aspect of how an interior looks and feels, however, is color.

Color has an amazing impact on the way a room feels. Just walking into a room that is bright and colorful can really lighten a mood and bring on feelings of well-being. Adding color is also a “renovation” choice that’s relatively easy to do, so it offers a huge “return on investment” as far home or office revamps go.

Color palettes and moods

Vibrant colors, like deep reds or intense blues, can create a lot of excitement and energy. Neutral or muted tones can create a feeling of peace and quiet. Dark tones of brown or black must be used carefully, as they darken and can bring a feeling of heaviness into an environment. Muted tones of contrasting colors like sea foam green and lavender can be energizing yet also soothing. There’s no question—color has impact, and it’s an incredible tool for home design and upgrades.

Using Color in an Interior

When a home or office is being redecorated, color should always be a major consideration. The key is to work with existing colors in the room décor and create a palette when bringing in new elements in the space. If the walls are in need of a freshen-up, a coat of paint can work amazingly to bring a feeling of new energy into a room.

Advance Planning

Paint colors should be considered carefully, using color chips and fabric swatches, to get a good sense of what color tones work well with existing furnishings and décor, including wall art, vases, and plants. Once wall colors have basically been decided on, it’s a good idea to get sample colors in small amounts of paint, to test hues on a wall. Some colors which seem like the perfect choice in a color chip can look quite different when actually painted on a wall. It’s a good idea to paint small areas in a room with test colors before committing to a color and laying down cash for several cans of designer paint colors.


Yes, color can really work wonders in a room, and its impact goes beyond wall color. Redoing the windows in an interior (or exterior!) is another way to upgrade a room without busting a budget. Leading window manufacturers, like Value Windows and Doors, have beautiful choices in windows that can add texture and a designer feel to a room, even while helping with temperature control and insulation.

The choices in windows at Value Windows and Doors are extensive, ranging from single or double hung windows to picture windows, beautiful arch windows and more. All these windows are made to order and designed to fit the customer’s needs, and because Value Windows and Doors manufactures all its windows on site, quality control is at the highest level.

All these windows are available in clean, pure white, yet these windows can also be created in a range of beautiful color finishes. The list of color choices from this company includes neutrals like almond, sandalwood, chocolate brown, black and silver. Brighter tones include brick red, California green and honey. These colors all create beautiful accents to paint colors and furnishings, and add incredible visual interest to a room.

Is it time to rethink that special room with an exciting new color palette? Start exploring color ideas in magazines and design books, and see what appeals. Take some time to explore the choices in windows at Value Windows and Doors, to find another level of color and visual interest (and home security) for a home or office. Choosing beautiful colors is a joyful experience, and as a decorating experience, it’s never the wrong choice.

How to Design Your Kitchen Counter Backsplash

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You have picked out a beautiful Granite kitchen countertop. Now you need a great looking backsplash. What can you do?

You could hire a professional designer, design your backsplash. That could cost a lot of money.

How about the guy at work who installs tile part time. He assures you, “Sure I can do that, trust me”

Having worked with hundreds of people create their very own kitchen  countertop backsplashes, these are some of the ways a few people choose to  have a new backsplash. In this article I will show you how to design your own  backsplash the way you want it to look. It is quite easy.

First, design each backsplash wall individually. By this I mean select a wall  above the countertop and figure out the design you want to attain. Many  older kitchens are shaped like a U. Meaning the window and sink are in the  back of the U and the two sides are cabinets and countertops. Design the window, sink wall last.

Step two. Measure the length of the left wall in inches. Tile sizes are in inches or metric .Makes estimating quantities easier when measuring in inches. A  backsplash with a solid surface stone countertop will generally measure 17 to  18 inches from bottom of cabinet to top of countertop.

Decide what size tile to use. Most common are 4×4, 6×6, 3×6 and 12×12.Go to  a tile store and get various sizes to help determine what sizes you like.

Ask this question of yourself. Do I want the tile set on a diagonal or straight  pattern. Keep in mind, a 6 inch tile on diagonal measures approximately 8 1/2  inches. A 17 inch high backsplash will take 2 six inch tile on diagonal, filling all  or nearly all of the space. A four inch tile on diagonal measures 6 inches, tip to  tip. Therefore for a 17 inch backsplash will require 3 four inch tiles on diagonal.

A six inch tile, installed on a straight pattern, requires 3 tiles for a 17 inch  backsplash. 4 four inch tile are required for a 17 inch backsplash. Most  common grout line is 1/4 inch grout line.

The use of inserts add to the overall look of the backsplash. Generally use a 2  inch insert with a six inch tile. A 1 inch insert with a four inch tile. Placement of inserts is a matter of personal preference. Word of caution. Do not use to many  inserts. Inserts are only used to accent the tile design, not to be the focal point.

Finish measuring the sink wall and other walls. Apply the same tecniques on all  walls except the sink wall . Between the window and the sink, the wall should  have no inserts. Only the tile pattern, be it diagonal or straight. The backsplash on each side of the window can have inserts, but not to many. Extend the same pattern used on the left wall for the remaining backsplash walls.

Using this method of laying out your backsplash helps you determine how many  tiles you will need. Allow 15% over the amount you need for cuts. Example: 44 six inch tile, order 8 additional tiles.

Shopping for tile is now much easier. You have a good idea of the amount of tile needed and how much the tile will cost. You are now the design master of your  countertop tile backsplash.
Alan Grundemeier has planned, designed and completed many tile and stone projects to enhance the beauty of customer’s homes. By designing each  backsplash wall individually, selecting the size tile you like, deciding if the tile is  to installed on a diagonal or straight pattern and what type of inserts will  compliment the design, you will have a kitchen countertop backsplash of your dreams. Designed by YOU!
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Fireplace Mantels for a Unique Home Design

These days, fireplace mantels in Utah are one of the ways in which you can design this certain area of your home. This area of the home is quite important as it is here where the family gets warmth and bonds over several things. When you add something like this, you are able to uniquely design and create a lasting impression.

Make sure that you know what the purpose of the mantel is, to make sure that you are able to determine if you really need one or not. The purpose of this mantel is very important and it is just as important as its design. It acts as a focal point of design for this area of the home, as it creates an interesting design.

The material of the mantel is also an important factor to consider, but you must remember that it depends upon your preference.

There are some people who prefer to use those that are more durable and easier to clean but there are those who say that they want to prioritize the design before anything else.

There are those made out of wood, stone, or concrete, and today more designs are available. If you need advice for the best type of material to use as a mantel for this part of your home, you might want to take the advice of a home management specialist. They will be willing to give you the right advice for this topic.

If, however, this area of your home has already a unique and interesting design, you might not need a mantle. Remember that your preference is one of the things that matters most when looking for these things. And when it comes to the cost, you do not have to worry much about it. There are lots of companies that offer lower prices for fireplace mantels in Utah.

Artisan Cast Stone offer standard fireplace mantels from Utah as well as mix and match components to create a custom fireplace surround to fit your needs. (

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Using Different Wall Tile Sizes And Shapes In Home Design.

Wall tiles come in many shapes and sizes as do floor tiles and choosing the right combination for your home can sometimes be a little daunting, there are brick shaped wall tiles, larger format tiles and even the very small mosaic tiles and it is possible to use different shapes and sizes in home decoration with dome fantastic results.

The one important aspect is to have a good look around at what is on offer because here are many variations as well as different wall tile materials and choosing wisely and can make a huge difference to the outcome of your kitchen or bathroom design.

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the home and home owners have to choose wisely to achieve the style they want. In this instance and especially in bathroom areas mosaic tiles make fantastic additions because bathrooms often have lots of smaller and awkward corners and mosaic tiles are great for this. The shower area can also be a smaller area and very often larger tiles and even standard sized wall tiles can overwhelm a small space, using mosaic tiles in a rainbow of colours can really bring the area and bathroom to life.

Mosaic tiles in bathrooms are also great for bath surrounds and even bathroom countertop solutions and they come in many materials such as many natural stone varieties.

The kitchen often has more scope in the way of space and different sizes and shaped wall tiles can be used with great success. The brick shaped wall tile comes in many material variations, colours and styles and home owners can choose from a variety of natural neutral tones or use stronger colours to really add a touch of vibrancy. The backsplash area behind cookers and sinks and the area that starts from the kitchen countertops to cupboard space is often a small space and this is a great area to add a touch of class and colour. If the rest of the bathroom area is neutral, home owners can experiment with rich red wall tiles and stunning black wall tiles.

Glass wall tiles are also great and can be used in small areas or over larger areas depending on the type of style you are looking for. Glass tiles also come in many shapes and sizes as well as fantastic colour variations. Glass mosaic tiles make great border tile solutions to add lots of detailed design or a more subtle elegant feel.

Design Your Own Asics Running Shoes

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from © If you want to design your own asics running shoes, go ahead because it a great way to show your creativity as well as your aesthetic sense. In case you are wondering how to design your own asics running shoes.

To design your own asics shoes you need imagination and creativity and an exact picture of the asics running shoes in question. Now let’s take a look at how to design asics shoes on the internet.

Design Your Own asics running Shoes Online

Starting Off: To start off, let us get the fact straight that when you design your asics running shoes online, you are not designing them from scratch. They are already made but you have a lot of customization options, the effect is as such that they have been from scratch and are totally in sync with your taste.

The Next Step: Log on to the website of the company you want to design shoes from -Asics and the likes. You name it and the style is there – heels, pumps, flats and so on and available in the usual shoe making material. After you choose the shoe, there will be options for personalization and customization next to the shoe.

Width of the asics running shoes: Have narrow or wide feet? Well, almost every style you chose will have a medium, wide and narrow option at all the footwear brand websites. See, so you need not worry about that!

Size it Up: Check out your size while you are designing your own asics shoes on the website. There is hardly a chance that you would not find your size. You would find a section including styles meant for big sizes. The normal range is between size 4 and 10 for women’s shoes.

Heel and Sole Curry: This customization is so fabulous that you get the choice to even pick the height of your heels on some websites. In addition to that you can also choose a color, for which you would be spoilt for choice. This applies to the the whole asics shoe as well. Insoles are also available online for a nominal charge.

There can be some slight variations in the options and interface of the website, but these are the standard factors where maximum customization is done. So fiddle and play with these and get the asics running shoes you exactly are longing for!

Are you ready then to design your own asics running shoes? Happy Shoe making!

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Interior Design Ideas For Kitchens With White Cabinets

This is a very enduring style if you know what you are doing. Also, you might want to paint your outdated wood cabinets in a bright white for a modern or contemporary look. Here are a few tips or ideas for decorating kitchens with white cabinets.

Bring in color. You might have a tendency to go with a very dramatic color just because your white cabinets are so boring. This is an option as long as it is done correctly. This style should be decorated for a modern and contemporary room. You could even mix things up by painting your walls a daring black so that the white really pops. Then use a modern take on a very traditional black and white kitchen.

Another option for these color schemes is just to go with a neutral color palette. This way your white cabinets will really just blend in with the rest of the beautiful taupes and grays. You can draw out colors from stone or add in stone if you don’t have it in your room. Then just try installing a beautiful tumbled marble or ceramic backsplash. This can really give your room cohesion so your white cabinets won’t stand out any longer.

Add something special to the doors. In most instances you want to have a very plain door. This is really true if you have a small kitchen. However, white doors are neutral so they can handle a lot more carving and molding. You can also make a statement with your hardware. It’s very contemporary and modern to find a stainless steel knob that runs the entire length of the door to really give a lot of sparkle while keeping with the simple lines of this style.

Bring in sparkle. This is really important in a white kitchen. You will keep it from feeling too plain or cheap. You’ll want to bring in high end items. An easy way to do this is by investing in stainless steel appliances. You can also coordinate the white cabinets with a beautiful shell chandelier for a beach look. For more of a traditional feel bring in luxurious crystal pendant lights. Anything you put in a white kitchen is really going to pop even if it’s just crystal. This gives you the opportunity to explore different accent colors while still working within your budget and space constraints.

Learn more about white kitchen cabinets. Stop by Sara Gilmore’s articles where you can find out all about white cupboard design.

Custom Cornhole Board Tips

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Now that you’re hooked on playing Cornhole with your friends and family, have you purchased or made your own Cornhole boards yet?

And have you thought about how to decorate your boards? No, of course, you don’t need to decorate them at all, but why not? Add a little character, personality and flair to your game.

We’ve seen lots of pictures submitted by Cornhole game lovers who have decorated their boards in some most unique ways.

Probably the most common Cornhole board decorations are in support of a favorite sports team or alma mater. If you’re not good at freehand drawing, you can cut out color logos from sporting event programs, print out logos from the internet, or purchase decals or posters from sports stores.

And be sure to purchase or make your Cornhole “bean” bags in coordinating team colors!

Other decorating options include designs that incorporate the actual cornhole into it. Some like to try to hide the cornhole within the design in an effort to make the game a bit more difficult. Others like to highlight the cornhole so it stands out and is perhaps a bit easier to play. It depends on personal preference, what age range will be playing the game most often, and your creativity.

If you don’t want to decorate with a sports theme, consider something from your favorite hobby, an interesting design, fun photos from the internet, or even print out photos of your family or favorite vacation spot. Or how about using pressed flowers or colored autumn leaves?

Once you have your decals, photos, or other items secured to the board, use a coat or three of clear varnish or polyurethane to protect your items and to even out the playing surface of the board.

When it comes to painting straight lines on your Cornhole boards, we have a couple suggestions. If you have a long straightedge, of course that will work. But if you don’t have a good supply of tools and gadgets, get some masking tape or painter’s tape to make your straight edge and to mask off the other section while you paint. Once you paint one color, let it dry, then retape a new straight edge – and mask – over the first painted color so you get a crisp line when you paint the second color.

If you’re going to make circles, you can trace around round objects in your home like glasses, coffee cans, wastebaskets (if they’re round, of course) and other assorted sized round-based objects. Or, you can make your own circles of your own specific diameter. First, get a length of string half the diameter of the circle you want. Tie a nail or pen or pencil to one end and another pen or pencil to the other end. One end (the end with the nail if you used that) you will hold in the middle of the circle you’re going to draw. The other end you will drag around in a circle, making the outline you will later paint around. Basically, it’s a home-made compass.

Now, if you’re not all that good at painting around the curved lines of a circle without going outside the lines, you can also make a template from cardboard or even a manila envelope or folder. Then simply tape the template down while you paint inside your circular opening. (Note that spray paint might work better to get your clean edges rather than using a paintbrush.)

The bottom line is to have fun making your Cornhole boards unique and personal so that you have even more fun playing the game. And if your designs give you a home court advantage, so much the better!

Dave Roth runs SC Cornhole games, a website devoted to the game of Bean Bags. The site offers cornhole bags, sets, and directions for building your own tailgate style set.

Advantages Of Wallpaper Borders

Trying to accent the décor in every room creates a huge difference in the beauty and atmosphere in that room. This is also true for those that wish to tie a theme throughout an entire home or to set off different aspects of rooms depending on their purpose or style. Because of this, most people who wish to put the amazing finishing touches on their interior design look for wallpaper borders. Not only are most of these borders easy to put up in just about any room, they can also be utilized in various areas along a wall. They can also provide ways to create a seamless and perfectly finished room without going through the meticulous detail work needed through other accent methods. Of course, those who have spent a lot of time and energy on redecorating a room or home know that the finishing touches often fall by the wayside due to lack of funds. To be able to ensure that these individuals have the most desirable looking room possible for the right price, however, lots of manufacturers provide discount wallpaper borders. Just as is the situation with full priced borders, the vast array, textures, and styles of discount wallpaper borders can certainly help anyone to look for the ideal border for their needs and truly finish up the work on any interior design.

One of the amazing benefits of discount wallpaper borders is that there is an opportunity for individual expression and a show of good taste and not having to pay more than is necessary. Some could think that, because these borders are discounted, that they may not have the maximum amount of variety or be up to par with higher end models and designs. But, the providers and suppliers of these wallpaper borders have put forward good products for a fair rate. For this reason, using this wallpaper gives a sophisticated and complete look to any room and not looking cheap or cut-rate. The top decorations are those that are both cheap and high quality, and all these wallpaper borders bring those qualities forward.

Aside from being high quality and economical, discount wallpaper borders tend to be versatile. They are able to be used with other wallpaper patterns, paint, and other types of décor options. With this versatility will come opportunity to use exactly the same types of patterns in several areas, which is considerably more feasible since these designs are available at lower prices. This also allows those that wish to do so the ability to fully decorate any area without creating a big dip in the budget or having to obtain several different styles or borders in order to get just the right look, which saves time and energy in addition to money.

The other positive aspect of wallpaper borders is that those people have the option to buy as little or as much as they need. For people who are wallpapering more substantial areas, for example, ample amounts of border can be bought with confidence and ease. Even those individuals who are susceptible to injuries while placing wallpaper can make use of budget versions because they will have the capability of fixing any possible mistakes and never have to pay more money. Through most of these benefits, you can easily see why discount wallpaper borders are used on a frequent basis.

Those who wish to learn more about discount wallpaper borders always visit This website provides great information about how and where to get discounted wallpapers. For further information, Click Here!

Home Design Guide – Lighting

Successful lighting schemes are based on a balance between natural and artificial light, together with the interaction of function and design.

The choice of light fittings available is immense, so much so that the sheer volume of types and styles may prove quite daunting. A good starting point when making a decision is to consider the function the light needs to perform. Is it going to be used to provide background lighting, to create a mood, or is it intended for a more practical purpose, for example, to light a work area in the kitchen.

Generally, lighting can be divided into three main categories: background lighting, such as table lamps, up lighters, and wall and ceiling lights; accent lighting or lights which create a sense of atmosphere and may also illuminate something unusual, interesting or valuable in a room, such as a special picture or piece of attractive porcelain; finally, there is utility lighting, where practical considerations are paramount.

These various lighting functions demand different light fittings. Gentle diffuse light may be excellent as background lighting, but is useless or even dangerous, where food is being prepared and what is needed is a bright light directed at a specific area.

Besides the fitting making a difference to the quality of light, the light source should also be considered carefully. The various light sources commonly used in homes include fluorescent, tungsten halogen, and tungsten. Of these the latter is the most commonly used.

Tungsten bulbs have the advantage of being widely available, cheap and of throwing a rather pleasant, warm, yellow light. There are also various tinted bulbs available, although in general it is better to use lampshades to get different effects rather than varying the color of the bulb. Another advantage of tungsten bulbs is that the light they throw will not have a detrimental effect on other colors in a room, such as the walls, flooring or furnishing fabrics.

Halogen bulbs are more expensive than tungsten bulbs, although they should last longer. They throw a much brighter, white light, which has a rather pleasant crispness about it and which will not interfere with other colors. They are particularly effective when used en masse and in a modern setting, for example dotted around a kitchen ceiling.

Fluorescent bulbs have improved a great deal over the past few years and do not have such of an institutional feel about them any more. While old-style fluorescent tubes had an unpleasant effect on surrounding colors, the newer daylight-simulation types throw a much more sympathetic light. There are also removable covers available which help create a more dramatic effect.

The style of light fitting you choose will depend on the overall look of your room. There are so many different ranges on offer, from Art Nouveau to minimalist modern, that everyone can find one to suit their needs. Do not be afraid to mix and match – often a minimalist contemporary style will look quite spectacular in an otherwise period room, lifting it from being a traditional style to a vibrant living space.

You would also like to know how to replace light switches and to conserve energy, how to maximize the use of daylight. Please use safety measures when working with lighting system of house because it could be dangerous.

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