How to remove machine embroidery stitches

How to remove embroidery stitches
The first thing I have to say is that patience is the embroiderer’s best friend. Things will go wrong. That is fine then you will learn how to fix them.
A friend of my recently said, you are not an embroiderer until you stitch something into the hoop. Well I definitely qualify; my best effort at this was to stitch the front of my jeans leg to the back of them with a 10,000 stitch design. I now see that as a very positive experience. The jeans were not expensive I could have thrown them away and bought a new pair. I chose to remove the stitching very carefully and redo my work.
I am going to share some ideas on how you can remove machine embroidery stitching without damaging your garment.
The first thing you should do is take care not to mess it up in the first place this will save you lots of time, but things will go wrong.
You can buy a tool for this purpose, there are two that I know of, one is called a peanut and the other is Peggy’s stitch remover. I don’t have either of these. I live in Australia and shipping power supplies etc… have made it a little arduous for me to bother.

Here is how I do it; in my disaster kit I have a quick unpick, a surgical scalpel, a pair of eyebrow tweezers and my good quality razor.
Place the Item face down on a flat hard surface. Very carefully using a good quality razor, shave the back of the design. This will remove the bobbin thread. Turn the design over and using your tweezers pull out the embroidery thread. Repeat this process until you have at least most of the design removed. For smaller more stubborn areas I use a combination of the scalpel and the quick unpick. This process requires a lot of patience so that you don’t put holes in your fabric.
If you do have a small hole a reasonable solution is to use an iron on repair product. Often as you will be re-embroidering the area this will be quite discreet.
If you only wish to remove a small part of the design leave the item in the hoop and chock up the part you want to remove. You will find you have removed the stabilizer from that part, simply float a piece of stabilizer under that section, this will save you re-hooping.

Now, why was my disaster with my jeans a positive experience? I have since had a couple of orders that I just wasn’t happy with the results. My time spent unpicking my cheap jeans meant that I knew exactly how to fix the problem quickly and neatly. Practice makes perfect, so if you mess something up that doesn’t really matter, if you have time unpick it anyway.
This technique may not work well on very light fabric. So again be careful not to mess up in the first place, especially if you are working on a very delicate one of a kind piece.

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Passive house and wooden house green for the future

Speaking about prefabricated houses in Italy to maintain structures are very solid and stable and will many times have nothing to do with masonry houses and that there never would dream of adopting as a primary residence.

The technology for wooden houses instead have made great leaps forward both in terms of security of energy efficiency resulting from the houses to be recommended in seismic areas, but also for the construction of tall buildings in a safe and autonomous in terms of energy. These and many other features are those that are pre-fabricated houses of wood structures preferable to traditional concrete. No coincidence that these types of dwellings are traditionally associated with mountain life that is certainly more rigid than in the plains or in hilly reason why a tendency to build houses of wood or other homes in green building material should be completely natural coming years ago and not only at this time of environmental alarm.

One of the features that attract even greater concern when it comes to prefabricated wooden houses is certainly the one concerning the duration. If you go to analyze the laws still in force on the Italian territory, or if you have recently purchased a home, you will know that the security required after the manufacture of a house is ten years for a typical house in brick and concrete, any territory or region. For a prefabricated house of wood were instead adopted the regulations in force in major countries of manufacture and use thereof namely Germany and the Nordic countries, which totals 30 years. Three times that required for a brick house then that element should already make this type of housing preferred wood or shells.

In addition to the guarantee, however, there are many other features that make this method preferable to the traditional population from the same energy efficiency as the insulating properties of the wood is well known and optimizes except in some cases cancel the consumer concerning heating and cooling the interior of the house. Independent of its geographical location and the temperatures at which the wood is subjected it retains its insulating properties even allowing for the construction of large homes without heating systems within them. Although this type of house, known as passive house is beginning to now find space in the information world and particularly within the construction industry is a technology born 20 years ago ‘in Germany (which has always country at the forefront), the genius of two university professors. The comparison between the two, one German and one Swedish, led to the development of a proposed home that consume little and with emissions as low as possible project that went to become the hub of Passivhaus-Institut in Darmstadt, home design and evolving in order to achieve the highest standards of passive houses.

Surely as well as the building material that is used there are other factors determining the efficiency of the dwelling as the exposure level and orientation of the cardinal points.

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from legno lamellare.
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How To Maintain A Compact Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is a college student’s constant companion. But, a dorm room is not the only place where you can have this much-needed appliance. It can be fitted into your car, boat or even in your game room. However, getting the most out of it asks for regular maintenance. Here are some helpful tips on maintaining compact refrigerators.
1.Do not expose a compact refrigerator to sunlight
Make sure that your fridge stays away from direct sunlight. In fact, it should be kept at a safe distance from all sources of heat. If the unit you have features a freezer, do not store it in an area where the temperature may go below 60. Doing this would create a situation where the compressor does not work as often as it is expected. It would lead to the food getting damaged fast. This happens because the compressor stops functioning due to low temperature. You should also make sure that the unit is kept on a flat surface.
2.Give it a name
This may sound strange. But, naming your refrigerator would make sure that you remember the thing and take good care of it. Remember, this is the source of freshness at your own time.
3.Set the temperature to medium
When connecting the unit to the source of power for the first time, keep the temperature to the medium. This would avoid the situation where the food items stored inside freezing all on a sudden. Even the opposite can happen if the temperature is too high. You can make use of the thermostat to regulate the same at a later stage.
4.Do not make it crowded
When storing food items in your mini fridge, make sure that there is enough space in between. Doing this would boost the circulation of cold air and the items kept inside would last long. Keep in mind that the interior of the unit is quite small. This may lead to food items touching one another. Store them in good-quality plastic bags to avoid this type of a danger.
5.Clean it at regular intervals
Cleaning at regular intervals is a must for the smooth functioning of any equipment. Refrigerators are not exceptions. Take care to wipe out instantly if food gets spilled into the interior of the unit. Make it a point to clean the inside at an interval of one month. You can use baking soda for the purpose. Add baking soda in appropriate amount into lukewarm water. Dip a towel and wipe the interior, from top to bottom. Do not empty the shelves all at once when cleaning. Remove the items from one shelf to another; repeat the process until all parts are neat and clean. Wiping the outside of the unit clean once in a week too would add up to its appearance.
Make sure that the equipment is not connected to any source of power when you clean it up. Check the items stored inside at regular intervals. Throw out anything which you suspect as being damaged. And, do not close its door until every part of it is dried up. This would make sure that no residue remains inside.

Great House Design Home Plans With A Broader Outlook

If you’re looking for a house design firm that incorporates an international, eco-friendly sensibility into its home plans, look no further than Spokane, Washington-based Great House Design. It is through exactly such a broad outlook that this renowned house designer has flourished during a recession that has been particularly severe on anything remotely real estate-related.

At a time when many of its competitors have floundered, Great House Design has managed to do more than simply stay afloat. Indeed, it might be said that thanks to a plethora of visionary home plans, this premium home design firm is basking in the sunliterally.

The secret of their success lies in their awareness of the potential of solar power as a money-saving proposition for their clients. In addition to its obvious environmental benefits, drawing power from the sun can help reduce the need to use conventional heating methods.

The result: a larger wallet and smaller carbon footprint!

Using this knowledge, Great House Design has developed a series of ‘solar’ home plans. While there is nothing new in such plans, it is the enthusiasm with which this premium house designer has pursued these ideas that makes it stand out. At a time when businesses across the economic spectrum are struggling, Great House Design is marching ahead with a wider, more worldly vision.

Again, there is a more literal element to this worldly vision.

While most struggling house design firms in the US are struggling due to their over-reliance on US clientele, Great House Design has embraced a broader outlook by taking on clients from countries as far afield as New Zealand and South Korea. As a result, the firm has a demonstrated record of success away from US shores.

Thanks to its thorough knowledge of international building codes, Great House Design has abundant in-house capability to generate international home plans.

Of course, it takes more than vision to enable a company to succeed. Ultimately, the guiding force in the success of any business is its ability to deliver quality products and services to its clients. For a house design company to succeed, it needs to know good home design.

And Great House Design, as its name suggests, does!!! The highly-qualified staff of this house design firm of international repute knows everything there is to know about the creation and development of quality home plans. And not only that!!! The Great House Design team has access to the most sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment, as a result of which it can generate the most intricate, detailed home plans.

With over 9100 stock home plans already in their inventory, the designers at Great House Design have the capability of generating custom plans for clients with a unique vision for their dream home.

Such an ability is hardly surprising in a company with its own unique vision.

For more information on home plans centered around a global perspective, visit GreatHouseDesign.

Buying Furniture at Yard Sales

furniture yard sales photo

Buying furniture pieces at yard sales offers many options, but you must look closely to know what you’re getting.

Are you interested in trying your hand at some creative furniture painting? If you don’t already have an old piece of furniture to practice on, shopping yard sales is the best way to come up with a piece.

If you are buying the yard sale furniture for the sake of practicing your creative idea, buy away! If you are looking for a particular piece to use, take time to look the furniture over to make sure you are getting a solid piece at a good deal.

For instance, if you want to buy a small dresser for a guest room and want to give it a country look, your first concern should be the stability of the furniture. You can give almost any style the look you want, as long as the furniture is sturdy and in good condition. Look to see if any of the wood is buckling or if the piece has any deep scratches that can’t be sanded out. If you want it to have an old look, the scratches might not matter so much to you. The buckling, however, might be a sign of warped drawers that are hard to open or close. Warped furniture is not usually very functional.

If the furniture you are looking at is a sofa, loveseat or chair there are additional considerations you should keep in mind. Will you be using the furniture as it is or do you plan to give it a fresh coat of paint or some new fabric treatment? Does it look clean? Ask the seller if the furniture has been used recently in a home or if it has been in storage. If it has been stored, ask if the storage unit was climate controlled. If not, you may find yourself dealing with pest issues or mold down the line. Make sure you look the seating over good – check out its frame, springs, cushions and the over all wear. If you think it is in good shape and can get a good deal, go for it!

If you are taking up furniture shopping through yard sales as a hobby, learn all you can about various types of furniture. The knowledge will help you separate a good deal from a great find. Plus, if you plan to recycle your yard sale findings, you don’t want to strip and paint an antique, one of a kind headboard. When you know your furniture – what is of special value and what is just a trash to treasure item – you can save yourself the heartache associated with finding out the dresser you just painted a Dr. Seuss scene on was actually by a famous craftsman. Visit your local library to check out books on antique or unique furniture. Then, keep your eyes open when you are hitting the yard sales the following weekend – you’ll know a good deal when you see one!

Are Custom House Builders More Expensive Than A Spec House

Building your own house is the dream of many people, but it is often easier said than done with many difficult decisions to be made and research to be done. Some people are happy to buy a spec house and some people prefer a custom built house. There is the perception that custom houses are more costly, but are custom house builders more expensive than a spec house?

A spec house is one that is built by a builder and then sold by them to a buyer. These houses are built before there is a buyer and the builder uses their own money to build it and then recoups the cost after the sale. A custom house is one where the buyer contracts the builder to build their house for them.

Due to the nature of both styles of homes custom house builders generally produce more unique constructions than those that are produced in spec homes. Spec homes are designed to appeal to the needs of a large proportion of people since it is built without a specific buyer in mind.

Custom house builders consult with the buyers over design, style, fittings, landscaping – every element of building a house is up for discussion when you are building a custom house. For this reason custom houses can be more expensive than spec houses.

The final cost of a custom home versus a spec home depends entirely on the design features and fittings that the buyer decides to put into their home. The home does not necessarily need to be more expensive than a spec home, but if you put in higher quality fittings or complicated design features, then this will drive up the price.

Spec homes are also generally build by large construction companies that are operating in bulk and may be able to reduce the cost of building homes and pass on the saving to buyers as well. Since the builders use the same house design over and over again, they do not have to use the services of architects or draftsmen to the same degree that someone building a custom house would have to and this is another cost saving.

Since spec homes have building laborers that are constantly on the go building what it essentially the same design, they become faster and more efficient at completing the house, which is another saving for the construction company which can drive down the cost of the house.

Buying a spec house can be cheaper than having a custom house builder design and construct a house for you. When you are tossing up between the two styles of builders you need to consider whether the difference in price is a major factor for you or whether you would prefer to have more control over the design and look of the house you are buying. When you have a custom house built you can have it built to meet your family’s exact needs. A spec house may come with elements that are not perfect for your family or lifestyle.

Choosing Tile For Your Home Improvement Project

Are you considering using tile for your home improvement project? If so, where do you begin?

There is an enormous variety of styles, colors, types, and price points to choose from. First of all consider what the tile will be used for. For example, floor tiles need to be durable and slip resistant, while wall tiles don’t. Relatively hard tiles that rate at least 6 or 7 on the Mohs scale (a 1-to-10 scale used by tile manufacturers to indicate the hardness or softness of a tile) and that have a textured or matte glaze are the best for floors.

For the bath or shower walls, ease of cleaning is an important consideration. It is best to use tiles with a shiny glaze for walls so hardness is less of an issue. What you might do is to take a few samples home that you are considering using and kind of take them for a test drive in the areas that you plan on using them. That way you can check out scratching, reaction to soap and water spots, scuffing, cleaning ease in the area you are planning to use them.

Slate has a rich, organic look and is available in a variety of colors and surface finishes. Some slate has a rougher texture that provides good traction for floors and walls, but because slate is soft and somewhat porous, it needs to be sealed and properly maintained to prevent staining.

Marble is a beautiful and popular bathroom finish material, but is generally also the most susceptible to staining among the natural stones. Highly polished marbles are most vulnerable, and like most stones, marble needs to be sealed with a penetrating silicone sealer that is maintained regularly.

Natural stones like granite, soapstone, and slate are popular finish materials for bathrooms because of their natural beauty and durability. Stone is available in both highly polished and matte finishes.

Then, of course, there is ceramic and porcelain tile, one of the most widely used tiles for the bathroom. It is available in a variety of finishes including matte, glossy, textured and natural. There is a wide range of prices. Cost can run from as little as 35 cents apiece while the fancier handmade specialy tiles can range from $10 to $150 each. There is a huge range of edging options, and comes in sizes from 1″x 1″ up to 24″ x 24″ and from thickness of 1/4″ to 3/8″.