Idea of Home Design

A pressure in the present time, if one can return to their homes, will be able to make to his heart-earned, major premise is to make their own home must be comfortable reasons. In every house people will buy their new home there are a lot of design ideas, such as indoor greenery, furniture and colors, is a place that can be considered, and even if you have a mind of its own that perfect indoor design, but also have been a professional interior designers recognize its legitimacy and feasibility.

But if you have your ideas must be better than none, since your home is always, not interior designers. So the idea of home design can pay attention to the following places.

In the outdoor green is not this was their choice, so decided to buy, you have already agreed on the green outside. As users can only indoor green. The greening of the reasons is that the indoor environment becomes lively, vibrant, humane. In the interior layout can play a regulatory role of temperature and air purification. The time can be arranged during the embellishment, hanging, segregation, and display the five cited by the helper method to avoid excessive in the same room interior design and produce a sense of disorder.

Long time at home, people will understand the impact of the furniture of the home is the largest, because the choice of furniture in addition to personal preferences, we must also consider the appropriateness of the size of your room, whether in the living room leaving enough space, and a lot of time in the interior design will be used to coordinate with the other rooms of furniture.

In color, you can meet with the indoor environment can increase the beauty and rich landscape space. In the design to avoid the uniform, physical repetition, and can use lighting effects to enhance levels of interior space, and beautify the indoor atmosphere. Use of space not only to change the atmosphere of light and shadow, and can reduce design costs. If you make use of different lighting, such as under-floor lights, floor lamp, table lamps, chandeliers, hanging lights to the ceiling, the interior design can make the effect more changes.

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Know the Blouse patterns that will be suitable for your Sarees

Download Traditional Indian Sarees – Royalty Free Stock Images
from © There are very few women in India who have an aversion to sarees. Before buying any saree, you need to keep in mind your height, weight and skin complexion. You also need to consider whether the design and fabric of the saree suits your body type or not.

Another important factor that enhances the beauty of the saree draped on you is the blouse. In literal meaning, a blouse is a tailored ladies shirt that is available in various types and designs. In reality, to a woman, a saree blouse amounts to much more than that. It is capable of rendering elegance, beauty and even, sensuality to a woman.

The saree blouses are available in several patterns and styles such as halter neck, tie ups, spaghetti, big bow back, low wide neck, single shoulder, puff style and others. The designs of the saree blouses keep changing with the evolving fashion trends. The designs also heavily depend on the kind of saree you will be wearing and the occasion. For example, you should opt for a simple and comfortable blouse with minimum embellishments for casual occasions. On the other hand, stylish and fashionable blouses should be availed for social gatherings and parties and traditional blouses with heavy embellishments should be opted for festive occasions or weddings. While short sleeves, ruching, ruffles, puffed sleeves and heavily embellished blouses suits slim women; long or quarter sleeves and simple and clean cuts suit women who tend to be on the plumper side.

Blouses with knot or a big bow at the back are ideal for wearing with almost any saree. In case of the back knot blouses, a scarf is attached for tying of the knot. Those who want to mix two patterns can include some strings for a great looking saree blouse.

Similarly, a classy halter blouse goes well with any soft material sari like crepe or silk. In fact, every fashionable woman should possess a bow backed or halter necked blouse in common colours like red, white, black, beige or taupe. This kind of blouse is ideal for thin women who can either get the knot stitched or can tie it up. The most popular halter neck sari blouse designs are the ‘V’ halter back design and the classic halter neck design that are ideal for flaunting your back and neck. Those who have a heavier back can opt for the backless choli style saree blouse with strings, so that they look slimmer.

Another blouse design that goes well with a heavy saree is the long sleeve blouse. This style was popularised by the traditional Indian princesses. It involves a ‘V’ shaped back and simple round neck. An alternative to this design is the three quarter sleeve blouse. You can make the sleeve with a transparent or semi-transparent material like lace with elaborate patterns. If you are wearing a heavily embellished saree, keep the blouse simple but if you are wearing a simple saree, the blouse can be adorned with designer materials. The long sleeve blouse with “V” neck or wide neck design is ideal for plump women as it would provide them a slimmer look.

For festive occasions, embroidered blouses that are made of raw silk work wonders. They can be availed in both traditional cuts like round, ‘U’, ‘V’ and wide neck designs and in innovative cuts like betel leaf, boat neck, collared neck and high neck design. You can keep the sleeves transparent, in contrast with the body colour or with design on just one shoulder. You can also avail the option of sleek boat neck, puff sleeve and off the shoulder sleeve blouses to complement almost any sari, though, in case of a pure chiffon sari, a curtained back blouse is highly recommended.

Whatever sari you wear, make sure you choose the right kind of saree blouse designs and patterns so that you look all the more beautiful. While opting for another designer blouse, keep these tips in mind so that you know which kind of design will be suitable for you.

For more details about Saree Blouse check Here you will find your saree blouses in accordance with your saree, height, weight and complexion.

Phase Change Material (PCM) Eutectic Solutions Used For Passive Cooling

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) may be considered as a useful tool to reduce the cooling load requirement by means of spreading day time loads over 24 hour period utilising the naturally occurring ambient temperature difference.

The night-time cooler ambient can be used to charge the latent heat capacity of various Positive Temperature Eutectic also called Phase Change Material (PCM) solutions between +4°C ( 39°F) and +117 °C (243°F) without using any refrigeration machinery by simply allowing the surrounding air to freeze these solutions. Later the stored energy by the Positive Eutectic, PCM Thermal Energy Storage can be released back to the occupied space during day-time to handle the heat gains.

This technique is generally called Passive Cooling and it may enable the charging process to take place by means of free cooling, i.e. without running the chillers and as a result becomes a very economical and environmentally friendly system. Furthermore, PCM energy storage opens new opportunities to explore heat balance for the existing and new systems, which could offer significant overall system efficiency improvements.

Alternatively, the sun energy during day-time is stored and later utilised during colder night-time to heat the space for a free heating as well as storing heat in the hot water circuits.

Privatisation has created a new kind of energy market whereby the period of energy usage and the type of energy used is becoming the main criteria for price structuring rather than overall energy consumption. Hence, cooling systems must be designed to provide sufficient flexibility for load shifting and a PCM Thermal Energy Storage technique can be considered as a useful tool to achieve this aim.

Building services must be designed to provide sufficient flexibility for load shifting and energy usage control in order to achieve the most economical operation. A PCM Thermal Energy Storage technique whereby “Storing High or Low Temperature energy for later use in order to bridge the time gap between energy availability and energy use” can be considered as a useful tool to achieve this aim.

Passive Cooling PCM Thermal Energy Storage (TES) benefits can also be applied for electronic chamber, shelter, telecom shelters, remote pump and electric control cabinet cooling for remote location whereby the lack of electricity eliminated the mechanical air conditioning or alternatively mechanical cooling free applications around the World.

These Passive Shelter Cooling systems can even operate in hot countries like the Middle East due to higher space temperature (45ºC / 113°F) requirements in comparison with Office Cooling. A PCM solution of 32ºC (89.6°F) is sufficient to maintain the room temperature below 45°C (113°F) by simply using the temperature swing between day and night time.

The same concept has also been successfully applied for cold storage transport applications using Eutectic beams. The majority of the perishable food must be chilled during transport but the cost of refrigerated truck restricts the use of transport cooling in particular in the third world where the biggest waste occurs. A PCM, Eutectic filled high ceiling beams can be simply charged using standard cold storage can keep the product temperature under control at a very attractive lower cost to install and run.

These passive cooling units can be supplemented using a very small refrigeration compressor or a chilled water circuit for lower temperatures but products like chocolate, bakery products and flowers can be easily maintained under control by simply charging these beams / containers over-night and utilising the stored energy during day-time transport. Furthermore, this concept enables the owners utilise their standard Lorries to be used as refrigerated trucks during harvest / peak season at a fraction of the cost for a conventional refrigerated truck.

HVAC / Air Conditioning PCM passive cooling concept offers mechanical refrigeration free passive-cooling by simply storing the night cool energy and releasing the stored cold latent heat capacity during day-time to keep the space temperatures under control. Low ambient temperatures coupled with free cooling offer a significant reduction of energy consumption relating to the cooling operation, which is in the region of 16-46 % depending on the type of passive cooling unit and location.

Based on the applied projects, ambient profiles in many parts of the world and associated feasibility studies indicates that PCM assisted Passive Cooling concept offers economical and very environmentally friendly cooling options. In any country whereby the night ambient does not allow being sufficiently low enough to charge PCM Thermal Energy Storage (TES) cells over-night, a supplementary dry cooler and / or small chiller can be added to top up the difference between the ambient and PCM temperature for an economical solution.

Modern society’s reliance on refrigeration and air conditioning indicates that refrigeration and the associated environmental issues will be with us for a considerable time and therefore one has to utilise existing and available alternative technologies with minimum usage of energy.

A Positive Temperature Eutectic ” PETES ” Thermal Energy Storage not only provides the end user with an Environmentally Friendly design but also the following additional benefits can be obtained:

• Reduced and No Refrigeration Equipment

• Capital Cost Saving

• Reduced Maintenance.

• Energy Cost Saving

• Reduced CO2 Emission

• Environmentally Friendly Installation

• Improved System Operation / Reliability

• Flexibility for the Future Capacities Changes

The temperature ranges offered by the proposed Phase Change Materials solutions utilise free ambient cooling, conventional chilled water temperature ranges for both the charging and discharging sides of the system. Hence, they can be applied to any new or retrofit application with minimal technical and economical impacts.

Finally, the possibility of Free Cooling Cycle TES system offer new horizons for designers to control the energy balance to match the load and electricity demand / consumption of the system as a whole.

Zafer Ure, M.Sc., C.Eng., MCIBSE., MASHRAE., MInstR., is the Managing Director of Environmental Process Systems Ltd. and has 25 years experience in the HVAC industry and has writen many papers for industry conferences and magazines. Details of PCM Products can be found ay and Zafer can be contacted on +44 1733 243400 or at

Home Design Considerations

When designing your own home, you need to be sure that the furniture you want to use will fit where you want it. To help in working this out, you can get templates from office supply stores that portray different kinds of furniture styles and sizes. These can be used with your floor plan to draw in the furniture.

There are many other things to consider, including whether you want electrical outlets in the floor; whether the windows need to be moved or enlarged; what lighting you will need and if the electrical outlets are in the right location for your furniture, and whether you will choose concrete blocks or timber frame, or a mixture of both.

Drainage problems can be fixed before they even develop by making sure that your home has the proper elevation above the curb. Added to this, a home that is elevated looks much better from the street. But make sure your builder gives you a firm cost for this, not an allowance. And if one of your builders quotes less, be sure it’s not because they intend to build with a lower elevation.

Other considerations can include the position, type and size of the fireplace and what kind of air conditioning you will install. Choosing the right type can save you a great deal in utility bills and give you much better comfort over the life of the equipment.

Mel writes about display homes, purchase land and other home-related topics.

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Renewable Vitality For Kids – Instructing Little ones About Renewable Energy

As a substitute of doing work from household on their pcs millions of men and women across the earth endure big discomforts and waste billions of bucks commuting to an office to function for a very few hrs ahead of returning in the very same inefficient and wasteful way.

Working from house would make the use of pure clear power like photo voltaic power viable. Methane gasoline is an additional supply of low cost and effective power. Garbage and animal waste can develop methane and it can be employed domestically for cooking functions. It can be supplemented with solar strength caught on the roof of a residence.

Ethanol can be produced from vegetation these as corn, sugar cane, timber or manioc, to title only a several. It can be utilised to supplement petroleum, or neat in suitably adapted devices. In point ethanol was typically utilised as a supplementary fuel way back in the nineteen forties. It fell into disuse for economic explanations. Petroleum could be pumped from huge fossil fuel lakes much more cheaply, and the exploding human population demanded raising supplies of foods.

New urban designs that would allow people today to dwell inside of walking distance of their do the job are rather feasible and pretty unlikely to come about. This is because there are massive vested interests in the transport organization that would not like to see enormous reductions in numbers. They prevent progress in the exact same way that the oil marketplace has delayed the use of electric cars and trucks for numerous decades.

In a closing evaluation the most efficient varieties of renewable energy may perhaps be a component of way of living and urban style and design. If urban patterns demand folks to commute speedily around considerable distances in bullet trains and plane then power from photo voltaic electric power and bio-fuels will be inadequate. On the other hand, if lifestyles and patterns of usage have been to alter, alternative vitality resources such as photo voltaic electric power and bio-fuels could become viable once more as they ended up by most of human evolution.

A lot of mothers and fathers want to instruct their kids about renewable power and vitality effectiveness early in everyday life due to the fact the moment they get in the habit of it, it will be a practice they continue on to observe for the rest of their life. But in which will need to you commence when teaching renewable power for little ones? A superior plan would be beginning with defining precisely what renewable power is. You can advise they make a listing of non-renewable and renewable energy resources and make from there. Some examples would be:

Non-Renewable: Oil/Gas, Normal Gasoline, Coal, Nuclear
Renewable: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro/Drinking water

Explain to them how renewable energy comes from all-natural forces. It is distinctive from fossil fuels as it does not make greenhouse gases or other pollutants. You can even more make clear how the mass manufacturing of electrical power working with renewable energy sources has only lately become a lot more preferred. Some of the good reasons why it’s being more common include things like: climate adjust induced by pollution and fossil fuels are all staying utilized up and being additional costly.

A wonderful notion is to teach young children about energy performance. Have them make a record of all the powered units they use for a day such as Tv, personal computer, lights, and so on.

Making of finest Kolinsky Sable Paint Brushes

Artistic Brush Enterprise

Art forms a great part in a person’s life, with everyone inclined to one form or the other. Among all types of art, painting holds a special position as it has a space to put across one’s feelings and thoughts. Working in a discreet form of art, painters mostly prefer to be specific and faultless relying on quality colors, brush, and even paper.

When it comes to selecting a painting brush, everyone – from students to renowned painters prefer Kolinsky sable brush by Artistic Supply Source. We at Artist Supply Source are known for providing the finest quality Kolinsky brushes in Russia and Internationally. Brushes from Artist Supply Source are a delight for any artist or painter who loves his or her work, which speaks about the superiority and eminence of our product.

Going through this blog, you will come across hard-work and methodology involved in creating famous Kolinsky brushes. I have personally visited factories preparing Kolinsky brushes in Russia, reviewed their work process, materials used, and quality maintained, before writing a word on it. The writings in this blog are excerpts of my experience and knowledge that I gained from my visits.

Manufacturing Process

The brush manufacturing process is a long cycle – especially for Kolinsky brushes, as they have to remain perfect in every aspect, be it size, shape, hairs or brush handle. The process followed is:

Preparing Natural Hairs for Tufts

Hair is the most important part of every Kolinsky brush – making it perfect for any kind of painting task. Hair for the brush is collected from tails of Kolinsky Sables, which are Siberian weasels. One of the world’s best hair refinement processes is performed upon the hair to remove all the oil from it. Hairs are washed, shampooed, and later baked for a few minutes, to improve softness and spring properties of the hair. Care is taken that hair is not over-baked, as it can make hair hard and brittle. The entire process is done byhands, so that you get ultimate hairs for your Kolinsky brush.

Hair Cutting

After undergoing cleaning process, hairs are removed from the tails through specialized cutting technique, done by hands. Hairs are separated using sharp scissors or sometimes by razors for a minimum loss while cutting. In order to create a perfect bunch, special care is taken while cutting that hairs so that one does not cut from the middle or in uneven shape. If hair is not cut properly, then it will not only spoil good hairs, but also the brush to be prepared from it. Hair cuts from every tail is neatly collected and tied in bunches.


Proper cutting of hair follows with proper cleaning. A Bunch of hairs collected is cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris, mud or parasites, attached to the hairs. The bunch is unsoiled with a help of comb and specially prepared brush, through hands. Cleaning process is done in such a way that it does not damage the hair – at butt or at tip and makes it straight and naturally pointed, towards upright. Another cleaning process is applied to the bunch to ensure that there are zero impurities or unwanted particles in the hair.


Post cleaning process, hairs are sorted by hands according to their length and size. After sorting, separate bundles are made according tothe size of each hair. Kolinsky hair generally measures between 28 and 70 millimeters – the longer the hair, the more costly it is. Hairs are sorted in two types: pointed and cylindrical. Pointed hairs are costly and used for preparing brushes with a conic tip, while round tipped hair is used for preparing flat and bright brushes.

Sorting helps in deciding the size of hair required by each ferrule, as each brush has a separate purpose. Each hair is sorted personally so that minimum shaping is required to bring them in size. Appropriate combing is necessary so that hairs or brush do not stick, while using.

Tuft Making

The first step of preparing the brush is Tuft Making. Every care is taken to prepare the right tuft from the hairs. Hairs of required size and quantity are placed into brushmaker’s mold – which is hollow from inside, with hair topstoward the bottom of the mold. After placing hairs into brushmaker’s mold, tuft maker lightly pats it on the ground, so that all hairs reach the bottom of the mold. This helps to achieve the desired shape. Each tuft is made per specification of the brush and the size of the ferrule.

Tightening the Tuft

The prepared tuft is properly tightened with a durable string at the butt. This is basically done to prevent hair loss from the tuft. Binding of butt keeps the tuft in shape and provides proper strength. For higher quality brushes, tuft maker rolls hairs with his finger tips to achieve preferred shape.

While preparing flat or bright brush, string is wrapped for several times around butt and then it is placed directly into the ferrule. After placing, the string is unwrapped giving desired shape and size to the brush’s tuft.

For tightening the tuft of brushes having a long and narrow shape, a special technique called stacking is used by the tuft maker. In this technique, points are placed upward, while butts are downward. After tapping on the ground, the butts are tied with a string. Hairs, which are on the upper end, are rolled to given required shape. In this technique tuft contains hairs of all sizes.


Shaping the tuft is an important task, which follows the tightening one. It is necessary that brush has required shape and size as demanded by painters. Shaping is done without cutting points of air because it not only damages the quality of hair, but also creates mouth on tip of the hair. In shaping, hairs are arranged in a line and in one direction to create the most even tuft. Hairs at the lower end of tuft which have uneven shape are either removed or rolled to get requisite bristle design.

Brush Construction

The hand-crafted tuft is then placed into ferrule, which is later attached to the brush. Ferrule is a metal cylinder which acts as a bond between tuft and brush handle. Ferrules come in two sizes: conical and cylindrical and have seam or seamless design. Prepared from standard metal, conically shaped ferrule is used for pointed brushes, while cylindrical one is used for flat or bright brushes.

After placing tuft into ferrule high quality liquid glue is poured into it. The glue helps in securing tuft inside the ferrule, so that its hairs don’t spurt out while painting. Glue also prevents hairs from getting separated from the tuft owing to prolonged use. If glue used is of inferior quality, it can get dissolved by thinner resulting into weakening of the tuft.

Finishing Touches

In addition to ferrule, a perfect handle is required to prepare an exceptional painting brush. Handles are mostly made from beech or hardwood and are slightly pointed on top. This is done so that ferrule can easily fit onto the handle. Diameter of a handle corresponds to the opening base of ferrule, however the length of handle is uniform for all brushes. Handles come in different types of raw wood and finish: varnished, dipped and many more.

The handle is inserted into the ferrule. Ferrule is crimped, so that it gets locked in the place and remains immovable. Finishing touches are made after a crimp, so that there is no uneven surface at the place. After that, the brush is tested on paper and after it passes the QC (Quality Check), it is fixed with gum Arabic to protect from wear and tear.

Elena Suslova shares her knowledge about finest quality art supplies and art supply sources based on her vast experience helping artists across North America. She provides customer support for Artist Supply Source company — major retailer of quality art supplies in the USA, Canada, and worldwide.

Home builders in Sydney offer custom designs

Home Builders in Sydney offer a wide and excellent range of home designs for the discerning buyer. Home building services include new home design as well as house & land packages. Sydney home builders have designs and packages to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

People who are looking for a home of their own have many wishes and ideas. Some of these may be bigger living areas, duplex homes, first floor additions, home theatre, and huge barbeque area and so on. Some clients require home extensions, renovations, decking’s, carports, pergolas, metal roofing and gazebos. Home Builders Sydney offer custom designs, knock down rebuild houses, narrow block house designs, sloping block houses and split level homes, to name a few. Add-on packs of certain features are offered by some builders at discounted rates. These may include appliances, door handles and fittings.

A team of home builders usually consists of highly skilled tradesmen and project managers who look after the project from start to completion. As a first step, you need to ensure that the home builder is licensed. While looking for a home builder, you need to look for one who gives good value for money, a smooth and easy building process with time-frame certainty and clear financial terms. Builders supply their own labor and craft and also supervise all parts of the construction. Home builder’s co-ordinate the plumbers, tillers and roofers to ensure that the building complies with development plans.

Basic steps in Home Building: Quotation Preparation Acceptance of Quotation Preparation of Plan Contract signing Color Selection Plans submission to Council Council Approval Construction Begins Completion Handover

In some cases, a handover inspection is also included by Sydney’s home builders.

There are many builders in Australia who have experience with residential, commercial and civil construction projects. A builder must have valid practical knowledge, efficiency and reliability as building a house is a major investment for most people. Poor work could result in a demolition order being placed on your property or huge losses. Sydney Home Builder has a reputation for good work ethics, quality and superior craftsmanship.

Is it Possible to Bring The Old Word Home Design Into Your Sweet Home

Of late, more and more people are investing huge money in building luxury mansion homes. It makes it possible to enjoy the latest facility and comfort with the updated design and complete luxury home plans. Most of the individuals invest their retirement amount in buying houses with maximum luxury and comfort for them to live in peace. They are prepared to shift over to remote areas also for enjoying the comfort. Modular homes give the customer an option to construct houses suiting their budget with excellent facilities. You have architects who are ready to bring the old world home design in your sweet homes so that you can feel pride about its possession.

Even with the limited area, you can find constructors who design a home with maximum comfort inside and giving extraordinary look on the exteriors. Having the current economic situation, builders are much prepared to satisfy the needs of the customers in whatever way they expect. Gone are those days, where only millionaires can afford to construct luxury houses. Now with the improved technical expertise, you can make all aspects of your dream home into reality if you could find out the right builder. Many engineers can construct your sweet home taking into consideration the green technology of using raw materials which can be recycled.

You can live in richly designed house even if you are within budget. The structural plans, the exteriors and the inner designs make others wonder if it is a costly budget. Now architects use software for implementing latest technology while designing the exteriors. The designer also provides you wide scope for decorating the house with outstanding interior designs covering flooring, painting and fixtures.

Many people are now opting to rent out their vacation home soon after completion, since it fetches good returns. In popular tourist destination, a luxury cottage is the most preferred destination for most of the foreign visitors. Thus one time investment will yield you constant income in the form of monthly or daily rents. Many tourists will never mind even if you ask for high rent per day, after considering the luxurious home plan and its features. Whether it is luxury mansion homes or villa or cottages, people are ready to spend money for getting comfort.

A home is a place where you should live in peace having all the comfort and luxury you wanted. So, there is nothing wrong if you dream into bringing the old world home design and plan into your house. You can find suitable designers through internet who are reputed and experienced in constructing such houses.

Are you looking for villa home designs? Vanbrouck would be the best choice for you. Also you can find high end home designs,award winning houses and best home designs. To know more about european home design, please visit our website. Interior Design Ideas for a Classy Home

Once you’ve completed building your house, the next thing that you should think of is interior home design to make your home look fabulous and eye- popping. There is a wide choice on this from classical to contemporary designs and you can easily design your home interior to perfectly suit your taste and personality.

To make the whole process easy, you should carry out your interior design according to the various rooms in the house. The living room is like the focal point of every house and you should first consider its size when purchasing your furniture. Although most people purchase living room furniture in “sets”, it is more fashionable to get different styled pieces for example, a modern sofa with antique or classic side chairs.

The bedroom forms a place where people escape to rest or to have some peace of mind therefore the design you choose should make the whole area appear cozy and restful. Avoid bright colors and choose between warm, neutral or earth colors for the ceiling, walls and even bedroom furniture. For kids’ bedroom, you should try to create a fantasy land according to your child’s nature and the theme  and the theme should be included on the walls, fabrics and bed.

When designing your kitchen; the cooker, the sink and the refrigerator should create a work triangle where they should be close enough for easier access when preparing food. Avoid dark colored tiles in the kitchen as any residues can be easily seen and may be difficult to clean when hardened. For your bathroom, use light colored tiles and you can consider placing a mirror on top of the sink if your bathroom is small. The kitchen and bathroom should also have adequate lighting.

There are people who take designing their home interior as a very daunting task but this is quite easy with the right ideas. There are many designers who provide great tips for free and the easiest way to locate these ideas is to search online. The design you choose should allow easy access to different parts of the house to allow smooth flow of activities. If you have no idea on how to go about all this, you can hire the services of interior designers.

Choosing A Window Covering

window cover horizontal

There are many ways that you can decorate your windows. You have the choice of

, vertical blinds, shutters, or even roller shades, and that is just to name a few. Before you head down the road of confusion you should begin by asking yourself a few questions.

What kind of space are you working with?

Do not only focus on the window space but take a look at the whole room. It doesn’t matter if you are doing one room or a whole house. Look at the room by itself. Consider the location of the room. North facing windows bring in consistent light but could subject your house to the coldest exposure. For this you would want to consider energy-saving window treatments. They will also help with the heating and cooling bills since 40% of heat escapes through windows. That is something to consider in each room of your house.

East-facing windows offer bright light early in the morning. That means that the room will heat up quickly. There are options that will help capture the heat so it diffuses it before it comes in, such as cellular or pleated shades. Also, the traditional drapery would work well, although, it is not appropriate for every room.

West-facing windows are the worst for letting in the most light that is harmful. Rooms with these windows should be ones that block out the UV rays. You would want to consider energy-saving window treatments.

South-facing windows are the best for consistent, natural light. You want to have window treatments that let in light but also have the option for protection against the light.

What is your style?

The next thing you need to do is consider your style. You need to consider your likes and dislikes. Styles are always changing. What you like one day you will hate the next. You need to consider what will make you happy overall. Also, fashion in the world changes, so find something that you are comfortable with. Some categories are; Old American Style, Casual Style, Contemporary / Modern / Simplistic Style, European Style, Formal Style, Traditional Style, and the Rustic Style. These are the most popular styles that people usually go back to and are safe.

What are your needs?

Is there only adults in the house or are there children running around. As simple as a question this is, it will make you stress out if you pick the wrong one. When there are children around you need to think safety first. This doesn’t have to limit you but there is definitely the wrong choices out there with children in the home.

Another major factor is pricing. What is your budget? For the top of the line, most in-style window treatments out there, you could be spending a lot of money.

What is the shape of your window? If you have a awkward shaped window, this could limit you on what you choose.

Do you need it sound absorbent? Do you need it energy-efficient? Do you want it easily cleanable? These are all important questions to ask yourself. In the next article, I will go into each of these questions in more detail to help you know what kind of window treatments work for you.